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Welcome to the website of the Gallego-Bartolomé Lab. We are a young group located at the IBMCP (Valencia, Spain), an institute that hosts multiple groups studying different aspects of plant biology. Our lab is interested in understanding how the epigenome is established in plants, which complexes are involved in this process and how they are recruited to the chromatin. To approach these questions we use the model plant Arabidopsis and we combine different molecular biology, biochemistry, and Next-Generation Sequencing techniques.

Research: Research

Epigenetic control of chromatin accessibility and gene expression

Our lab is interested in how epigenetic marks like DNA methylation and histone modifications affect dynamic changes in chromatin accessibility and gene expression in plants, especially during the adaptation to environmental stresses.

Evolution of chromatin remodeling complexes in plants

Chromatin remodelers are conserved from yeast to humans and plants. Although several components are highly conserved, plants present specific components that might confer unique activities to these complexes. We are interested in studying the composition and function of plant chromatin remodellers and their conservation across plants and other organisms to shed light on shared and unique functions of chromatin remodeling processes in plants.

Epigenome engineering and modulation of gene expression

We are also interested in developing new biotechnological tools that allow us to manipulate different epigenetic marks in a locus-specific manner to modulate gene expression of our favorite genes.

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